Campus bird checklist

This checklist might be somewhat outdated but it is still good for most of the bird species.

Box Springs checklist

Shared by John Green. Records are all from within a perimeter around the Box Springs Mountains, the arbitrary boundary used roughly consists of the 60/215 Freeway to Box Springs Road to Ironwood Avenue to Pigeon Pass Road to Palmyrita Avenue to Michigan Avenue to Columbia Avenue to Northgate Street to Marlborough Avenue to Rustin Avenue to Spruce Street to Watkins Dr. back to the 60/215.
Box Springs checklist as of 2 May 2014

eBird Hotspots

UC Riverside–Botanical Gardens: This is the oldest eBird hotspot for the campus. This now primarily covers the botanic gardens but has many past records which are from outside the gardens.

UC Riverside–Agricultural Operations (restricted access): This is the newest of the eBird hotspots for campus. This covers “restricted access” agricultural operations (Agops) area of the campus which includes 4 big ponds where most of the waterbirds are seen.

UC Riverside: This hotspot covers rest of the UCR campus and has some past records of Agops area.


Mark Chappell

Ninad Thakoor
UCR birds gallery


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